Phils Land Lee

The Phils were lookin’ for an ace. Particularly one that started with Roy, and ended in Halladay.

Instead, we got one that started with Cliff, and ended with Lee.

Yes. Cliff Lee. The defending Cy Young Award Winner.

 09 Cliff Lee Phillu.jpg

This is a great addition to the rotation, obviously. It now stands at Hamels-Lee-Blanton-Moyer-Happ, but might eventually evolve into Happ-Hamels-Martinez-Blanton-Moyer/Happ.

That’s a pretty good rotation if you ask me. Let’s just take a look at Lee’s stats for a second here:

Year W-L W-L% ERA   IP       K    ERA+    WHIP

2008 22-5 .880   2.54  223.1  170   175       1.110

2009 7-9   .438   3.14  152.0  107   143       1.303    


A definite fall from grace, but Lee was on the Indians. Last in the AL Central. They have one of the worst offences in the league. His ERA is 0.6 Higher, but besides W-L he ain’t much different than last year. The only notable difference is that his ERA+ dropped 30 points. But again, the Indians have a horrible offence.

He also only allowed 0.2 more baserunners per inning on base.

Sure, he ain’t the Cy Young award winner he was last year, but he will still be a great help to the ballclub.

Now comes the question of what the Rotation will look like afterwards.


It’s a definite that Lee and Hamels will stay in the rotation. Blanton is also safe. It all depends on what the Phils do with Martinez. If he’s a bullpen guy, which I doubt, then everyone keeps their rotation jobs. If not, then we’ll be sayin’ bye-bye to either J.A. Happ or Jamie Moyer in the rotation. Honestly, I have no idea who’s gonna go.


We will be saying bye to 4 prospects. Pitchers Carlos Carrasco, once valued as the best prospect in the organization, Jason Knapp, Shortstop Jason Donald, and Catcher Lou Marson.

The Indians will not only part with Cliff Lee, but also outfielder Ben Francisco. Francisco, who is most likely is the right hander off the bench the Phils have been looking for, is batting .250 with 10 Home Runs and 33 RBI in 89 Games with the Indians this year.

Don’t forget that the series final between the Phils and the D-Backs will begin tonight at 9:40 Eastern Time. Go for the sweep!

J.A. Happ (7-1) will pitch against Yusmeiro Petit (0-5).  

Also of notice, is that this is my first blog entry. Huzzah!

…I don’t really have anything else to say. Look for more updates I suppose. 


  1. carolmwl

    It is intriguing to try to figure out how the rotation will look in a couple of weeks.

    I have to hope that Pedro is long relief from the bullpen. Use him as a weapon of mass destruction, hovering on the horizon, an ide that deflates the other teams.

    Carol, How ‘Bout Those Phils?

  2. raysrenegade

    You will find out in the end you might have gotten the better ace suited for the NL.
    Lee has done pretty good lifetime against the NL while Halladay has been hot and cold.
    I think you guys got a great pitcher and a outfielder that can help you at the plate in a huge way.
    It might have cost you guys a few good men, but if Lee can give you 6 good games and 15 or more wins next season, it might be two more divisional titles.
    Lee has been to the playoffs with Cleveland. Halladay was sitting in his easy chair each year so far in October.

    Rays Renegade

  3. ktreu

    Well congrats, Phillies… our GM let us get hosed on this deal as always, but if he keeps pitching the way he’s pitched the past 2 seasons for us, then you’ll fall in love with him the way I did. Not to mention you got one of the best young outfield talents in Ben Francisco, who is continuing to grow into an outstanding player. Take care of my Cliffy over there, I guess I’m happy to see him in a position to win it big.

    ~Brokenhearted Tribe fan

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