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So, the Awards will be presented in around 1-2 weeks, so you have to wonder, who will win what?

Do the Phillies have any contenders?

Heck yeah.

Pujols seems to lock up the MVP, but I could see Cliff Lee winning the Cy Young. Again. Well, I see Cliff Lee in the top 5. Sabathia was high up last year, and he was only around for 2 months. Lee is a contender, but I doubt a winner.


J.A. Happ definitely.


Just a quick little post saying if I think any Philly will walk away with an award. To put it bluntly, in case you don’t want to read the paragraph.

MVP: n/a

Cy Young: Cliff Lee: Top 5

ROY: J.A. Happ: Serious Contender for Number 1


Why did I make this post? I’m bored. See you later.