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Who will be at third?

It’s a simple question. Who will be playing at Third Base for the Phillies next season?

Right now, it looks like it’s been narrowed down to three candidates. Mark DeRosa, Adrian Beltre, and Placido Polanco.

Chone Figgins seems out of the Phillies grasp, and Feliz won’t return. Plus, he’s been connected to the Orioles.

In my humble opinion, Polanco is probably the best deal. Sure, he’s a Second Baseman, not a Third Baseman. But he’s got a big bat, and that’s what we needed in the World Series. A bat. That, and for Hamels and Lidge to actually not play like crap.

I wouldn’t mind DeRosa. But Beltre doesn’t seem all that much of an improvement over Feliz. I would still take Feliz’s glove, I would take Beltre’s bat over Feliz’s, but Beltre’s an uncertainty. He’s been plagued by injuries. We have to sign a sure thing, because we have no other options in the Farm System. The only possible third basemen we have is Greg Dobbs. Hardly an improvement over Feliz.

Hardly a good third basemen.

Right now Amaro is really going after Beltre. Beltre is who the Phillies are linked to the most. We need a Third Baseman with a good glove, and a great bat, and I honestly think Polanco is the answer.

Plus, I miss Polanco. I always liked him. Even though I’ll take Utley over him any day of the week.

So which will we sign? I have no idea. But I hope it’s Polanco.