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4 Team Blockbuster Complete: Halladay to Phils, Lee to M’s

The 4 Team Blockbuster first reported on Monday is complete. Roy Halladay will be coming to Philadelphia and Cliff Lee will be leaving for Seattle.

Here is the deal:


Phillies Get: Roy Halladay (TOR), Phillippe Aumont (SEA), Tyson Gillies (SEA), Juan Ramirez (SEA), $6 Million (TOR)

Halladay also gets a 3 year, $60 Million Extension, with an option for a 4th Year at $20 Million.

Mariners Get: Cliff Lee (PHI)

Blue Jays Get: Kyle Drabek (PHI), Brett Wallace (OAK), Travis D’Arnaud (PHI)

Athletics Get: Michael Taylor (PHI) 


The Cliff Lee era is already over, but the Halladay Era is just beginning.

Lee for Halladay: Trade of the Decade about to go down in Philly

The Trade of the Decade is on the verge of going down in Philly. A three-team blockbuster is in discussion; All that is certain is that Halladay’s coming to Philly along with cash.

The trade that is being talked about now is this. The Phillies will get Halladay and cash to help pay for his contract. The Blue Jays will get….This, we don’t know. We don’t know what the Blue Jays will be getting. A third team, RUMORED to be the Mariners, will get Lee. Of course, these are all rumors and such. For now. But the Halladay talks are reaching a peak.

Halladay and his agent arrived in Philly, and checked into a hotel earlier today. The Phillies and Halladay’s Agent are talking about an extension right out of the gate; Lee isn’t willing to take a discount for Halladay to come to Philly his agent says. Halladay is rumored to be taking a Physical later this week.

All that’s certain is that Halladay is in Philly. Blanton, and now Lee, have been rumored to be part of a deal. So has J.A. Happ.

But Halladay IS in Philly.

But, if a deal goes down, and Lee is not dealt….The Phillies are automatically the favorites for their 3rd World Title.